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smart c

B-Smart C (Smartone C)

The Satellite Tracker that is changing the game. With Africa wide coverage the Globalstar system enables us to provide you with an affordable solution for your cross border or remote area Fleet, Machine or Agriculture needs. Small form factor and mobile ability at low cost makes this the prime solution for your asset monitoring need. Battery or asset powered installation options with variable report interval capabilities.


B-Smart Man

A handheld or dash mounted human satellite tracking unit with messaging and SOS options. Ideal for lone worker, escort vehicle or adventure travel applications. With flexible report intervals from 2½ minute and longer it enables you to track your people live anywhere in Africa.


B-Smart Lite

Satellite based mobile asset tracker. As a dot on the map mobile asset tracker with unbeatable battery life and reporting flexibility the B-Smart Lite is your solution to monitoring any non-powered asset or valuable load. Battery or asset powered installation options with variable report interval capabilities.



Complete solution for every possible Fleet Management Need. A tested and reliable solution, extremely popular with fleet owners, managers and users. Low-cost cross border roaming capabilities as well as seamless serial interface to the B-Smart C provides a total fleet management solution anywhere in Africa. Standard with driver behavior and fleet management functions, optional extras include: CAN BUS functionality, Driver Identification and Management, Fuel Monitoring through tank probes, GARMIN Navigation Interface.



The basic tracking and fleet management solution. As a low-cost solution to your basic fleet management needs the B-Easy is unbeatable. Offering live tracking through GSM coverage and seamless interfacing to the B-Smart C the B-Easy provides Africa wide coverage.


From containers, trucks and trailers, to vehicles, machines and boats. Our product range is designed to suit your needs and improve your asset's efficiency and security.

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Through our exclusive agreement with Globalstar Africa's Satellite system and the best GSM technology available we are able to offer the complete solution at unbeatable cost.

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