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Our Brand

BlackBox - a Device, Process or System that’s inputs and outputs are known, but its internal structure or working is unknown to the user. 7-Seven - In Astrology, 7 refers to the original seven planets, rulers of the solar system. It activates the imagination and manifests results in our lives through the use of conscious thought and awareness.

Our Mission

We provide Imaginative Technological Solutions at unbeatable value to our customers through innovative solutions created through conscious thought and awareness. Through our develoment procesess and inovation we carry our customers best interest at heart. Through stable and reliable systems and superior service we are building a reputable brand.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading telemetry technology supplier in Africa. We will ensure that our clients are able to optimize their core business, whether it be in the Transport, Mining, Earth moving or Agricultural sectors, without complicating their operational and management environments.

Value System

At BlackBox7 we pride ourselves on providing the best possible solution and service to our customers based on the following principles:

Developing the best possible telemetry technology through conscious thought and passion.
Acute awareness of the customer’s needs enables us to provide world leading solutions.
The customer is always right and we go that extra mile to satisfy.
Customer retention through unbeatable service is the number one priority.
Social and environmental responsibility is our responsibility and contribution to the future of our children and our country.

Supporting Staff

Full time and contracted supporting personnel include management specialists, financial, marketing and technical experts, software developers & IT specialists, call centre agents, installation and maintenance technicians and administrative staff. All staff are carefully selected and trained to fully understand the BlackBox7 product philosophy and offering as well as technical processes and corporate procedures. The BlackBox7 Head Office and management function is structured as follows:





From containers, trucks and trailers, to vehicles, machines and boats. Our product range is designed to suit your needs and improve your asset's efficiency and security.

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Preferred Partner

  • Transport
  • Heavy Machine
  • Agriculture

Through our exclusive agreement with Globalstar Africa's Satellite system and the best GSM technology available we are able to offer the complete solution at unbeatable cost.

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